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Tips for Photographing Your Pet

  • ​The better the photograph, the better your portrait will be! 

  • Take close up facial photographs with the face, eyes, nose, and hair in sharp focus.

  • Make sure you are able to see things such as nose texture, individual hairs, whiskers, eye colour, and reflections in the eye.

  • Zoom in on your photo to make sure the details are still clear and not grainy. 

  • Go outside! Use natural light rather than a flash whenever possible.

  • Make sure that the lighting in the photo shows your pet's true eye and hair colour. 

  • Take lots of photos in different poses so that together we can select the most appropriate one.

  • Take the photograph from the level of your pet.

  • Please avoid bandanas or other clothing, as well as photos where your pet is covered in snow.

  • Use treats to get your pet to pay attention to you or ask a friend for help! 

Examples of great photographs

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