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Perpetual Calendar

CA $30.00

I am excited to share my Dutch heritage and some of my pastel artwork in this perpetual birthday calendar.

I teamed up with Renee over at Loft Designs Canada to have these created, and this is what Renee shares about this type of calendar:

“What is a perpetual birthday calendar?

Although several individuals will use these perpetual calendars as date planners or organizers, they can also be used as traditional Dutch birthday calendars.

Step into any Dutch home, and you will find at least one of these traditional pieces of home decor, usually hung in the bathroom. Not only do you congratulate the birthday person, but you also call and congratulate their family. Having these birthday calendars (or verjaardagskalenders in Dutch) helps to keep organized track of birthdays, anniversaries, and important days throughout the year.
Since there is no year or day of the week on the calendars, these can be used year after year.

Enjoy having a little Dutch culture in your home!”

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